Ciao&Bridge: the common border of creation

The millenary connection between cultures has, today as yesterday, forms of exchange related to culture, business, economy, sports, art and politics. This exchange has always fueled the reciprocal growth and mutual exchanges between Europe and China which is the oldest and deep relationship between cultures evolved. However, the main exchange remains the exchange between people: Marco Polo, who must communicate with Kublai Khan, the Chinese trader who has to deal with caravan-heads along the Silk Road in caravanserrai, the sailors that arrived in the ports where they decide to begin new lives, the managers that make the commercial deals. The sum of these individual exchanges between individuals creates the background noise of humanity.


The Ciao&Bridge Project represents this humanity’s background noise, which now takes place with 3.3 billion air passengers per year traveling, and located in the metaphor of the Chinese character meaning “Bridge” pronounced equally to Italian greet “Hello”, which has become one of the words of global language that extends beyond national boundaries.

An ideogram that becomes a word that turns into transnational sound. A bridge that is a greeting and takes on meaning of bridge between cultures, countries, people. Ciao&Bridge Project sponsored by AirChina, China’s only nation flag carrier, celebrates the arrival of the 50th Airbus A330, that event means that AirChina becomes the most important operator of AirBus A330 worldwide.


Supported by Beijing Design Week, Beijing Tianzhu FreeTrade Zone, Beijing Airport Free Trade Zone and Slow Food China, the “CIAO – Bridge, the common border of creation” is a special project for celebrating the 40th anniversary of Sino-Euro’s formal diplomatic relations. It is curated by DONTSTOP Architettura (Michele Brunello and Marco Brega) and will be shown in Milan Malpensa Airport during the Expo 2015 in Milan. The project includes three artists’ works: by Katherine Xiao, Ludovica Anzaldi, Patrizia Piga and beautiful drawings made by children of Venus kindergarten.

DONTSTOP architettura (Michele Brunello e Marco Brega)


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